Obama’s Apology Needs Mandatory Healthcare

I’ve analyzed President Obama’s comments using the five languages of apology from my 2013 book with Gary Chapman, When Sorry Isn’t Enough. Here is a numbered list of our apology languages. Below my list, I’ve referenced these numbers in parentheses following Obama’s comments during the interview with Chuck Todd of NBC news.

1. Expressing regret- Saying “I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused.”

2. Accepting responsibility- Saying “I was wrong.”

3. Making restitution- Asking, “What can I do to make things right?

4. Genuinely repenting- Stating how you will change so you will not do it again.

5. Requesting forgiveness- Asking, “Will you please forgive me?”  Read More »

My Las Vegas Radio Interview: Simple Apology Tips

I had a great time being interviewed by James Allen of Las Vegas. He published the audio file from our talk on YouTube. Click here to listen. If you are pressed for time, skip over the intro song (one minute long).     Description: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Thomas, clinical psychologist and co-author with Gary […]

How to Repair Badly-Damaged Relationships With our New Apology Strategy

Last week, I had an engaging 45-minute radio interview with Debbie Chavez. To listen online or download the podcast, click here. Topics we covered: Why so many apologies fall short. Learn what to say when sorry isn’t enough. How to apologize in ways that are meaningful even when the relationship has been badly damaged. What happened […]

My Interview with Lynne Ford

Today, I spent a super-enjoyable hour talking about the book I co-authored with Gary Chapman, When Sorry Isn’t Enough with Lynne Ford of WBCL radio. I talked with her about how to give a complete apology, what to do when you want an apology from someone else, how to teach children to apologize and more. I […]

Mayor Bob Filner Steals the Spotlight From Anthony Weiner

Who could possibly pull the media spotlight away from Let-Us-Deal-With-This-Privately-Anthony-Weiner who is running for Mayor of New York City? It’s the self-destructing sitting mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner. Seven women have come forward accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of what has been described as “truly reprehensible” behavior including groping and sexually charged remarks. Mayor […]

Media Update: What to Say “When Sorry Isn’t Enough”

I’m looking forward to another wave of interviews this month about the book I co-authored with New York Times Bestselling Author Gary Chapman, “When Sorry Isn’t Enough.” I’ll be sharing tips to help people: Get out of the “dog house” and restore valuable relationships. Bring heated arguments to a screeching halt. Break through barriers and […]

Discovery News Asks Me: “Why Won’t an Apology Save Paula Deen?”

Why Won’t an Apology Save Paula Deen? Yesterday, I was interviewed by Discovery News for an article about Paula Deen’s apology tour. I explained that the title of the book I co-authored with Gary Chapman is “When Sorry Isn’t Enough” because in most cases, saying “sorry” doesn’t fix everything. I also said, “Whether Deen can […]