What to Say When… You Drop the Ball

Have you done this? I said “Yes” to someone who needed my help but I failed to follow through. I’m very forgetful so that is often the reason I drop the ball but it’s no excuse for my mistakes. I fail to set reminders for myself. I trust my memory but my memory fails me time and again.

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An Apology Cheat Sheet

What we have discovered in our research is that there are five fundamental aspects of an apology. We call them the five languages of apology. Each of them is important. But for a particular individual, one or two of the languages may show your sincerity more effectively than the others. That is, when you cover their primary language of apology, you make it easier for them to genuinely forgive you. When you fail to speak their language, it makes forgiveness more difficult.

How Gary Chapman Discovered What to Say… When Sorry Isn’t Enough

In the introduction to “When Sorry Isn’t Enough”, Gary Chapman describes the path to the development of our new book. Other authors have talked about the components of a good apology but none have zeroed in on the powerful scripts others have in mind when we try to apologize to them. Here is his “Aha” […]

The Apology Sincerity Scale

The Wall Street Journal featured a short article recently, along with optional video, on the subject of apologizing:   “I’m Very, Very, Very Sorry…Really? We Apologize More to Strangers Than to Family, and Why Women Ask for Forgiveness More Than Men.” Illustrations by Serge Bloch   Have you run into any of the apologies shown […]