What to Say When… He Is Uninvolved at Home

Saturday rolled around, and Ashley needed some help. All week, she had balanced work, the kids, and a long To-Do list. Her husband, Ryan, had a busy week, too. But, she was hoping he’d lend a hand with their weekend activities. Frustrated, she found Ryan sitting in his man cave watching sports. How could he just sit there for hours when she was so overwhelmed? What Doesn’t Work: Boiling inside while your partner is uninvolved and oblivious to the problem. Most couples have different levels of energy and different priorities. Accusing one another of being in the wrong without understanding their perspective can backfire. Don’t assume that your spouse is too lazy or too uptight. Mutual solutions are found when both parties openly express their needs.

What to Say When… She Shops Too Much

Scenario: Henry believed Anne was perfect when they dated and got engaged. They shared common interests, similar friends, and really enjoyed going out together. However, a few years into their marriage, Henry felt that the only thing “perfect” about Anne was her manicured set of gel fingernails. Plus, she had a habit of going shopping […]

What to Say When… He Acts Like Money Grows On Trees

Scenario: Cathy was surprised when her husband, Jack, walked in with a big smile and the latest touch-screen computer tablet under his arm. He’d commented about upgrading to a new electronic device but never said that he was going to pull the trigger. When she saw Joe’s expensive new toy, she wondered how it would […]

Apologies That Work: www.mint.com

This week, I received this email from www.Mint.com (a free money management company to which I subscribe).  Their subject line read: “Our Apologies.” Mint wrote: “A flood of emails were recently sent from stage-mini@mint.com to some Mint users. It was a misconfiguration with our email provider causing blank emails to go out. This was not […]

Former Citigroup CEO and Chairman Charles Prince Apologizes to Commission Panel. Apology rating: 1 (out of 5) Stars.

This just in… News agencies are reporting that Charles Prince, former Chairman and Chief Executive of Citigroup, offered an apology today.  A New York Times columnist says, “We are not buying it.” WHAT HE SAID: “I’m sorry the financial crisis has had such a devastating impact for our country…I’m sorry about the millions of people, […]

Buzz about Toyota’s Apologies

Toyota has begun to offer apologies for their accelerator problems that are the focus of an unprecedented recall and sales stoppage.  Jim Lentz, president and chief operating officer of Toyota’s U.S. sales said, “First, I want to sincerely apologize to Toyota owners, …I know that our recalls have caused many of you concern and for […]

Goldman Sachs Apology: 3 (out of 5) Stars

Goldman Sachs has been playing nice this week.  The New York Times reports that the thriving bank will spend 500 million dollars to assist struggling small businesses.  The head of the bank, Lloyd C. Blankfein, is reported to have acknowledged at a conference in New York that Goldman had made mistakes, and that it was […]