What to Say When… You Have an Overdue Apology

Is anyone waiting for an apology from you? Are you waiting to hear words of apology from someone else? In talking with people about apologies, I’ve found that more people than not would like to hear an apology today. Read More »

Resolve to Keep Your Marriage on Track in the New Year

What does it take to have happy, healthy relationships? Do you treat your family members as well as you treat others in your life? Maddie is a mother of two grown daughters and one step-son. She and Nathan have been married for 10 years. They have little joy in their marriage but they are committed to staying together for the long haul. Read More »

What to Say When… You Drop the Ball

Have you done this? I said “Yes” to someone who needed my help but I failed to follow through. I’m very forgetful so that is often the reason I drop the ball but it’s no excuse for my mistakes. I fail to set reminders for myself. I trust my memory but my memory fails me time and again.

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My Las Vegas Radio Interview: Simple Apology Tips

I had a great time being interviewed by James Allen of Las Vegas. He published the audio file from our talk on YouTube. Click here to listen. If you are pressed for time, skip over the intro song (one minute long).     Description: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Thomas, clinical psychologist and co-author with Gary […]

Three Things Forgiveness Cannot Do

Forgiveness Does Not Heal Everything. We often have the mistaken idea that forgiveness will heal everything. Let me share three things that forgiveness does not do. (1) Forgiveness does not remove all the consequences of wrong doing. The father who abandons his children may repent ten years later, but forgiveness does not restore the ten years of void. Read More »

Newport News, VA Article About Apologies

I like this article very much- especially because she references my book with Gary Chapman, The Five Languages of Apology.

The Apology I Need

The Apology I Need Please tell me you are sorry, As it helps me know you care about my feelings. Please admit you were wrong, As it lifts my heart when you don’t pass the blame. Please show me how you’ll fully restore me, As I was afraid things would never be right again. Read More »