Dear Hurting One

Read More » Dear hurting wife one, Your family should not have mistreated you. Your home should be your castle, a place in which you feel safe and protected. A man has violated your trust. Whether it was a relative who abused you or a husband who left you, your pain is unimaginable.

Two Simple Things Your Relationships Need For Survival

Gary Chapman is well known as “The Love Language Man.” His New York Times book, The Five Love Languages, selling over 9 million copies, has become a classic. To have blissful relationships, showing love is a must.  To have happy friends and co-workers, showing appreciation is essential. Recently, Dr. Chapman has embraced a second necessary ingredient for healthy relationships: dealing with offenses through apologies and forgiveness.  In May, Gary Chapman and I released When Sorry Isn’t Enough, which tells readers how to make things right with anyone. We believe that these two books fit together like a hand in a glove. Both sets of tools are needed to make relationships work.  Read More »

What to Say When… She Shops Too Much

Scenario: Henry believed Anne was perfect when they dated and got engaged. They shared common interests, similar friends, and really enjoyed going out together. However, a few years into their marriage, Henry felt that the only thing “perfect” about Anne was her manicured set of gel fingernails. Plus, she had a habit of going shopping […]

What to Say When He… Breaks His Promise To Be On Time

Scenario: Kate had the babysitter settled in for the evening with her three kids. There was only one problem. Kate’s husband, Jon, was running late…again. He comes from a family of people known for running late. In fact, his mother is jokingly referred to as “the late Mrs. Brown.” Kate silently fumed while waiting for […]

Tiger Woods and Infidelity

This commentary by Mike Wise in the Washington Post is powerful and personal.  Kudos to Mike, Robin (quoted in my blog), and others who have spoken about their cheating without making excuses.  Biggest kudos to those who maintain their vows without fail- may they not be a rare breed.

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    Gary Chapman is well known as the ‘love languages guy’.  His New York Times bestselling book, The Five Love Languages, has become a classic in the field of relationships.   In 2006, Gary Chapman and I released The Five Languages of Apology, which illuminates the steps for removing barriers in any relationship.  Our book […]

Learning Styles and Love?

Here is a one-sentence history of learning styles: Neil Fleming of New Zealand developed theVARK system of learning styles, which was based upon Bandler and Grinder’s VAK system and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. V,A, and K stand for these learning styles: Visual Auditory Kinesthetic I’ve heard it said that a person’s learning style may be revealed by their […]