Insider Scoop: My Focus on the Family Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman

A while back, Gary Chapman and I traveled to Colorado Springs for a taping of their daily broadcast. Here are some of my behind the scenes memories: During the session, the interviewers asked some great questions about the five languages of apology. Gary and I have developed a rapport for interviews like this. Generally, we take turns giving the answers. If we have something to add to the other’s answer, we lift a finger or point to ourselves. When we are asked about teaching kids to apologize, Gary usually points to me and I step in to answer because I have young kids. When theological questions pop up, I point to Gary because he’s a pastor. Read More »

How to Stay Out Of the “Dog House”

Have you ever been put in the “dog house” without fair notice? Do you find that your housemates, friends, or team members are mad at you for not doing something that either was not on your radar screen or was not as urgent as they seemed to think it was? Read More »

What to Say When… You Don’t Want to Sound Like an Anxious Parent

I counseled Anna, a single mother with two preschoolers. She realized she was overly cautious with her kids and she wanted to change. One day, her son wanted to run down a steep hill. She stood aside and let him do it but she couldn’t resist calling after him, “BE CAREFUL!” We talked about something more positive she could say to him the next time he asked to do something outside of her comfort zone. Here is what we came up with:   Read More » When Sorry Isn’t Enough.

Do They Say “Yes” But Mean “No”?

Do you run into (or live with) people who say “Yes” when they mean “No”? I find this is a common habit among people who want to please others. Consider the story of Emily. She can’t stand for anyone to be mad at her. She avoids conflict like the plague. This causes a real dilemma for her […]

Father’s Day: Six Ways for a Daughter to Show Love to Her Dad

I was interviewed this week by Alex Murashko of The Christian Post for his latest article. Here are some highlights from the piece: Daughters not caught up in Father’s Day as an occasion to celebrate, perhaps because of hurt feelings, can try several action steps in an effort to bring more warmth between them and […]

What to Do When… Father’s Day Feels Awkward

There’s something that dampens my joy on Father’s Day (also Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day). It’s the fact that these holidays are not joyous for everyone. These holidays seriously rub salt in the wounds of some people. Assuming that your father is still living, is it hard for you to pick out a card for […]

Buzz About Our Apology Book

A fan just gave me permission to post her letter about improving her bond with her adult son.  Enjoy! “A few years ago, I was flying home from Colorado.  My flight was delayed and I thought I’d pick up a book at the airport:  Would you believe? “The Five Languages of Apology.”  As I began getting […]