4 Things To Do When Forgiveness Feels Beyond Your Reach

I received a follow-up question from a male reader named “Krist”. I thought many of you could relate to his question so I asked him for permission to share my reply here. He agreed and offered for me to use his real (and uncommon) first name.   Krist wrote: In “When Sorry Isn’t Enough, Dr. […]

My Interview with Lynne Ford

Today, I spent a super-enjoyable hour talking about the book I co-authored with Gary Chapman, When Sorry Isn’t Enough with Lynne Ford of WBCL radio. I talked with her about how to give a complete apology, what to do when you want an apology from someone else, how to teach children to apologize and more. I […]

Discovery News Asks Me: “Why Won’t an Apology Save Paula Deen?”

Why Won’t an Apology Save Paula Deen? Yesterday, I was interviewed by Discovery News for an article about Paula Deen’s apology tour. I explained that the title of the book I co-authored with Gary Chapman is “When Sorry Isn’t Enough” because in most cases, saying “sorry” doesn’t fix everything. I also said, “Whether Deen can […]

Update: Paula Deen jumped into more hot water with Apology on NBC’s Today Show

Welcome to my blog. I’m an apology critic, psychologist, and the co-author (with Gary Chapman) of When Sorry Isn’t Enough. I share tips about What to Say When challenging conversations arise and I welcome your thoughts and questions. I’ll check back in frequently to chime in on the conversations here. Paula Deen has spoken again. As […]

Paula Deen Cooks Up a Half-Baked Apology

A Quick Recap: Deen was deposed in connection with a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed against her and her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers, by a former employee who claims, among other things, that her employers used language in her presence that could be deemed racist. In her testimony, the 133-page transcript of which was […]