Dennis Hooper’s Leadership Article on Trust

I’m passing along an article from Leadership Coach Dennis Hooper.  He has great ideas for organizations on his website:  Building Future Leaders. What betrayals of trust have you seen at work?  Were apologies offered?  Received? Betrayal of Trust—How to Recover by Dennis Hooper, copyright © 2009, published in the Houston Home Journal on November 14, […]

E-mail Errors

I exchanged these emails with Dennis Hooper, a business leader: ********************************************************* On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Dennis Hooper <> wrote: Dear friends– I apologize deeply that I errantly delivered a personal e-mail to you.  I do not know how it occurred, but I’m sure that something I did caused the problem.  I […]

A Customer Service Apology by Google: 3 out of 5 stars

———- Forwarded message ———- From: The Google Apps Team Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 1:37 AM Subject: Google Apps Update: February 24 Outage Postmortem To: (Name omitted.  I received this group e-mail from the business manager of a local private school). Dear Google Apps customer, Between approximately 9AM to 12PM GMT / 1AM to […]

The Final Apology of Bush’s (43) Presidency

I’d like to recommend to my readers.  Here is a post they made about my comments last month: As part of our ongoing effort to pass on to our readers the best apology advice on the internet, the Perfect Apology team is encouraging apology experts in the fields of public relations, personal counseling, consumer […]

Chapman’s Five Love Languages- For Employees Too!

What is your love language? We all have a language of love and getting it right may determine the success of your relationship. Gary Chapman, best-selling author of greater than two dozen books, indicates that at the heart of all relationships and marriages is the same core need – all people want to feel loved. Providing love in a way our partner can receive it is one key to a happy marriage.   Outside of love relationships, providing appreciation in a way employees can receive it is essential for keeping them on board.   Read More »